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Electric Suspended Work Platform


  SIGMA 500 SIGMA 750 SIGMA 1000
Maximum Payload 500 kg 750 kg 1000 kg
Maksimum Height  TBD TBD TBD
Platform Width 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm
Platform Length 2m - 8m 2m - 8m 2m - 8m
Wire Thickness 8mm 8mm 10mm
No of Wires 4 ea 4 ea 4 ea
Wire Type 6x19 Galvanized 6x19 Galvanized 6x19 Galvanized
Lifting Mechanism Otomatik sarım Otomatik sarım Otomatik sarım
No of Mechanism 2 ad 2 ad 2 ad
Speed 6 m/min 6 m/min 6 m/min
Platform Can Be Designed According To Special Requests
Can Be Stopped Between Storeys
Motor 2,2 Kw 2,2 Kw 3 Kw
Motor Rate 1400 rpm 1400 rpm 1400 rpm
Protection Class IP54 IP54 IP54
Voltage 380 v – 50 hz  380 v – 50 hz  380 v – 50 hz 
Start-up Power 7 A 7 A 9 A
Power 5 A 5 A 7 A
Easy error detection by use of PLC LCD Display 
Reduced electric failures due to PLC Control
High / Low voltage control device
Control Type: Manual
Low-voltage Switchboard
Residual Current Device
Phase Sequence Relay 
2 Extra Wires For Fall Protection
Emergency Manual Lowering System 
Weight Calculation by Load Cell
Electromagnetic Brake System
Overload Stop System
Emergency Stop
Audible Warning 
Up Stop Switch Stops the Equipment Moving Upwards 
Down Stop Switch Stops the Equipment Moving Downwards 
ISO 2001:9008 Quality Management Certificate 
Compatible with EN 12159, E292 standards
CE and TSE Certificates
High Efficiency
Modular Design
Ease of Storage
Ease of Transport
Ease of Installation
Makes it easier to Control the Activities 
Easy and Flexible Installation Alternatives
Manufacturer Can Make Alterations in This Specification
Decreases Cost and Saves Time by Carrying Material to Heigths 
Decreases Cost and Saves Time by Carrying Personel to Heigths 

Suspended Platform
Scaffolding platform is the safest working mechanism on the facades of the construction sites. 

Among the electric suspended platform systems, the cheapest and most effective type is the rope suspended platform.

Costs, Electrical Suspended Platform Prices
Because it is very easy to install, shift and remove. In addition to its low buying cost, its installation and operation costs are very very low with corresponding to other facade reach systems. 

Installation of Hanging Scaffolding
If you are using cantilever scaffolding type of the suspended work platforms it will take only 5 minutes to shift from one location to another location. If your suspended platform is a parapet bracket type, then it will take maybe 15 minutes to shift from one point to another. In these suspended scaffolding systems, you will only remove the hanging scaffolding (so called gondola in some regions) and you will just manually push the hanging scaffold systems to the next location. 

Safety of the Cantilever Scaffolding
Some people are afraid that this swing scaffold is not safe due to windy conditions. This is not correct. Because when there is a sense of heavy wind, you can easily park you hanging scaffold to the bottom of the building and your personnel will be safe to reach to any flat.

Safety of Roof Suspension Systems
As the suspended access cradles are very easy to use and maintain you will not need to hire an extra technician or an operator to run the suspended cradle. Because the control system of the hanging work platform is very easy to understand suspended platform safety is at the highest level.

As building Maintenance Units (BMU)
The roof suspension systems are also used as building maintenance units by slight modifications.

The suspended platform manufacturers can manufacture the suspended access platforms by aluminum or carbon steel. So, the suspended platform hoist can be lighter or more durable.

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